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Instrumental Music

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Instrumental Music - Doug Jones

Instrumental Music Program

The study of Instrumental Music at Green Acres Elementary School begins in the 4th grade. All instrumental students will have one half hour lesson each week. Lessons for beginning students will begin approximately the 3rd week of September at the beginning of the school year. All 4th grade students will have an opportunity to participate in the Green Acres Spring Concert.

 All second year instrumental students will have one half an hour lesson each week in addition to one full band rehearsal each week starting the very first week of school. All 2nd year band students will have the opportunity to perform in both the Green Acres Winter and Spring Concerts. 


It is expected that all instrumental music students will practice 4-5 days per week with an average of 15-20 minutes each practice session. This amount of practice will help your child make steady progress on their chosen instrument. Please think of and treat practice as homework. Each student will have a weekly practice record that needs to be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.  Extra help is always available. If your child is ever struggling and feels they need extra help, please encourage them to come and see me when they arrive to school in the morning so that I may arrange an extra help time.

Mr. Jones' Schedule

Green Acres:  I am at Green Acres all day Tuesday and Thursday and Friday        afternoons.

 Clintonville: I am at Clintonville all day Monday and Wednesday and Friday mornings.

 Music Lesson Book
Sound Innovations for Concert Band - Alfred Publishing

Please specify the Instrument when ordering the book. The book also comes with an MP3 and a DVD. The DVD is excellent for demonstrating all aspects of what I am teaching in class. This book will be used for the 4th grade year and most of the 2nd year of instrumental music study at Green Acres.

                                            Instrument Rental Companies

 1.) Connecticut Music Company (delivers to the school every Wednesday) 860-399-7018


2.) North Haven Music Center (Minnotti's) 203-234-8865, North Haven, Washington Ave.


3.) Goldie and Libro 203-239-2263, North Haven, Washington Ave.

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