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Laurie  Bankowski
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Green Acres Elementary School

We are delighted to be working with your child to create a positive learning experience. It’s going to be a great learning year with the collaboration of faculty and staff, parents and community. From the first day of school when children arrive we use the Responsive Classroom approach to help every child enter a warm and safe learning environment that supports them to take risks to learn and reach their full potential. This is the core principal behind Responsive Classroom and is our philosophy at Green Acres in reaching all of our students.

This website will provide information throughout the school year. We are in new stages of technology and ecology. The student handbook, calendar, newsletter and additional information will now be posted on the school and district websites in lieu of paper copies being sent home. Be sure to check regularly for updated information and provide your email under Notify Me so we can Notify You automatically with updated information. You will still receive some paper notices form school, the teachers and our P.T.A. Please be sure to look in your child’s backpack daily.

The administrative team worked with our superintendent, Dr. Robert Cronin, to develop the following North Haven Public Schools Vision Statement, Values and Core Beliefs:

North Haven Public Schools Vision Statement: As a result of their experience in the North Haven Public Schools, every student will acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of the 21st century.

North Haven Public Schools Values and Core Beliefs

·         Faculty and staff have the capacity to contribute to continuous improvement in student achievement

·         District and school leadership must commit to improved student achievement

·         We must hold ourselves and each other to a standard of excellence and contribute to the positive school experience of all students

·         All students deserve highly effective instruction every day

·         Learning must be relevant, engaging, and challenging

It is the expectation that the above statement, values and core beliefs will be the guiding force behind the work we do with all of the students in North Haven.

We are fortunate to be able to make available to your child one of two instructional programs. The Integrated Day and the Contemporary Program both address curriculum and skills your child needs to know. Each has a different educational philosophy, assumptions and structure and this enables parent to make a choice. The Contemporary Program instruction takes place in single level classrooms and is a more traditional type of approach. The Integrated Day Program provides instruction in multi-grade classrooms and is based on the British primary school model. An information session is held in the spring to give parents the opportunity to learn more about each of these wonderful programs before making a decision.

We expect that your child’s experiences at Green Acres Elementary School will start him/her on the road to ever-expanding opportunities. We emulate the characteristics of responsive, respectful, and safe Soaring Hawks. Kindness is spoken here as we set the stage for our guiding principles. Your support and cooperation are vital. Please stay informed and keep us informed of any changes that are important for us to know. We look forward to a thought provoking, challenging and, most of all, enthusiastic year.

Green Acres is the place to be!



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