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Music Academy in Krakow /Poland - Master's degree in Oboe performance

European Mozart Academy

Orff-Schulwerk certifications

General music teacher certification K-12


Bozena Galan-Blair was born in Poland and lived 27 years of her life there. She plays the oboe and piano, and has performed and worked with children of all ages. Mr. Galan-Blair was a member of the European Mozart Academy, and graduated from Krakow Academy of Music. Her musical experience includes playing with symphony and chamber orchestras in Poland, Yale Symphony,Yale Bach Academy and New England Symphony in the New Haven area. While living in Poland-Krakow, Ms.Galan-Blair was a founder and a meneger of jazz and clasical concerts in the oldest and most famos restaurant in Krakow "Wierzynek".From 2000-2001, Ms.Galan-Blair worked as a teacher in"Beecher Road" school in Woodbridge, Ct. Since year 2001 she has been a music teacher in North Haven. Ms. Galan-Blair is an active member of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and implements Orff philosophy and methods in her classroom every day. Ms. Galan-Blair enjoys working at Green Acres elementary school because of the trust, kindness, support, and appreciation on the part of the faculty and staff, as well as the very positive reception, energy, and joy of the children.

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