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The Early Childhood Program (ECP) operates under the philosophy that learning takes place in the context of play and exploration in a "language-based" program (LBP).  The curriculum in the preschool classroom was created based on Connecticut's Preschool Assessment Framework, the learning standards set by Connecticut's State Department of Education. Within each classroom, learning objectives are targeted in a theme-based, language rich context.  The ECP team consists of teachers, SLPs, an occupational therapist, physical therapist, principal, parents and trained paraprofessional staff. Members of the team collaborate in order to present developmentally appropriate themes, content, and individual student accommodations, modifications, and supplementary services. 

 Speech and language goals and objectives are targeted on a daily basis in the classroom context.  Service providers are educated in techniques to facilitate language and articulation skill development.  In addition, ECP speech-language pathologists provide in-class group instruction, direct services in the classroom, and direct services in the resource room.  Service delivery is based on a balance of effective, research-based intervention strategies and the ideals of least restrictive environment. Student progress is continually monitored in order to provide effective services with fidelity.  Collaboration of team members is essential to student growth.

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