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*Note:  please check the Forms section for monthly newsletter!

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to third grade.  I hope you will find the items explained below to be helpful during the year.

1.  Lunch menus are sent home monthly.  Please go over the day's menu so your child may sign up for the appropriate item.  You may use the cafeteria card or money.  If your child decides to buy lunch with money, the money should go in an envelope marked with his/her name and room number.  All cold lunch bags and boxes need to be labeled.  In fact, ALL items brought into school need to be labeled with the name and room number.

2.  Children need sneakers for gym.  Please refer to the Specials Schedule.  It should be handy so your child is prepared daily.

3.  Every night your child will bring home his/her Take Home Folder.  Please check and empty your child's folder each night.  Included in the folder will be any important notices and nightly homework assignments.  The folder is to be returned each morning with the completed homework assignments and any other important notes/forms that need to be brought to my attention.  The Take Home Folder provides an important tool for communication and helps the students to stay organized and committed to their assignments and responsibilities.

4.  Assignment books (Student Planners) will be provided to record homework assignments.  Homework in the subject areas will be given Monday through Thursday to reinforce skills taught in class.  In addition, all students are expected to practice basic math facts (please refer to weekly Math Log for suggestions) and read for up to 30 minutes each day at home.

5.  Each student will be required to have  books in his/her book bag at all times for Reader's Workshop. He/she may bring books from home or choose from our classroom, school, or public library. These books are "just right books", which means that they are at your child's independent reading level and tie into the current unit of study.

6.  Building your child's own library is essential for enhancing excitement and confidence in reading.  The book club is an easy and fun way to get started.  Each month the Lucky Book Club features quality children's literature, activities, software, and reading related items at low prices.  We place the order as a class, and the books are conveniently delivered to our classroom.  The best part is the more books we order, the more bonus points we earn to obtain free books and resources to enhance our classroom library.  Your order not only enriches your child's reading at home, but in his/her classroom as well.  If your child chooses to order items, kindly put the completed order form and payment check (no cash, please) in a labeled envelope and return them to school by the date entered on the order form.  Orders usually arrive in about two weeks.

7.  Students may bring one healthy item (please refer to the Wellness Committee suggestions) for morning snack.  Since we are not allowed to store food items in our classrooms, we are unable to provide snack to any student who doesn't have one.  Students may bring in water bottles to use throughout the day, particularly during warm weather.

8.  When you come to visit, please stop in the main office to sign in and get a visitor's pass.

9.  If there is a change in dismissal plans, please send in a note.  If you come to pick up your child, you must meet your child at the sign-out desk by the library and sign your child out.

10.  If you would like to send in something for your child's birthday, please let me know a day or two in advance.  It is of the utmost importance that you remember our classroom is a NUT FREE environment.  An alternative to food items would be pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.

11.  Please feel free to reach me anytime with a question or concern.  Your involvement in your child's life and education is the key to his/her success!  You may reach me by sending in a note, calling the school (203-239-5387), or emailing me at

Thank you for your help and cooperation concerning these matters.


Janice Regan


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