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Dear Parents,

In a few weeks the kindergarten students will begin their winter assessments in Math, Writing and Reading. Students will revisit the Words their way letter, sound, rhyme and spelling assessment. This time around they will also be assessed on High Frequency words and will do a formal reading assessment to get a reading level. In Math we will re-do all of the Math tool kit assessments. As well as Place Value, word problems, and decomposing a larger number. For our writing assessment students will be encouraged to write a short story without any guidance from teacher or peers.

You will notice a book bag coming home from time to time. Please take some time out to read the books with your child. Inside of the book bags are some strategies for you to use with your child when reading. Encourage your child to do their best reading. You may also notice some word lists coming home. These word lists are words that your child is working on from our High Frequency word lists. These should be practiced at home as well.

We discussed who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was and why he’s an important figure in American history. The concept of segregation is far too difficult for them to understand at a young age, but we did talk about fairness and being treated equally. We talked about the Golden Rule of treating people the way you would want to be treated.

The students in K-3 started an 8 week health class with Mr. Staron. Every Wednesday Mr. Staron will teach the kids about good healthy habits and ways to keep ourselves safe.

Mrs. Blanchett, our Social Worker, will continue her mini lessons on social skills with our class.

Raz kids provides kids a great opportunity to practice reading at home. I have adjusted a few of the reading levels and awarded stars to those who have been reading on a regular basis. It’s never too late to start! If you need your child’s password let me know.

Other good sites that our students use frequently are and

On Wednesday 1-18-17 The Quinnipiac University Men’s Ice Hockey Team will be coming to Green Acres to have a meet and greet and to read to our students. If your child has Green Acres Spirit wear, Quinnipiac Spirit wear they are encouraged to wear it on Wednesday. Otherwise, students can wear Green and white(Green Acres) or Yellow and blue (Quinnipiac).











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