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Welcome to Room 9 

Welcome to Room 9




Second grade is an essential level of your child's education.  It is a year where you see an independent worker emerge.  Children are able to perfect their reading skills throughout their grade two experience.  While progressing with their reading skills, they will move from decoding to more comprehension based learning.  Students will learn that you are reading with a purpose.  When reading a fiction story you may be reading for humor.  When reading a nonfiction piece you are gaining facts.  In writing students learn various genres of writing.  They study personal narratives, informational writing, realistic fictional writing, poetry, lab reports, and opinion writing about the books they read.  The foundation of math is also formed when math facts are known. Students will understand place value to the hundreds.  They will add and subtract triple digit numbers with and without regrouping.  They will learn how to count money, tell time, understand shapes and fractions, and how to multiply.  It is a magical year when your little one will develop personal likes and interests. 


Room 9 is a wonderful classroom filled with learning and growing.  It is a place where each student is an important individual that works in a team to promote the community of second graders.  It is a safe place where students are allowed to make mistakes and grow from them.  They are allowed to ask questions and take chances.  Room 9 is exciting and filled with endless lessons to be learned.   

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