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Welcome to Fabulous 4th Grade!






Welcome to Room 22-The Happiest Place to be!
I am very excited about our upcoming school year and all of the exciting projects and activities we have in store for us!

We have much to learn and explore, and you will find useful information about your child's fourth grade school year on this site. I am looking forward to a productive and fun time together.

The following supplies are necessary for a successful year:
* A three-ring binder with five subject folders labeled with the core curriculum subjects: Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
*Pencils and highlighters
*S.S.R. book
Students may bring one snack to school for snack time. No drinks other than water will be allowed.

Volunteers and visitors are always welcome in our class! Please call me if you would like to come in and do an activity with the class, chaperone a fieldtrip, or just visit.  I will provide you all with pertinent information for a successful fourth grade year at our Green Acres Open House.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 239-5387 extension 228, or e-mail me at



Specials Schedule






Monday:     Music                                          

Tuesday:     Computer Lab               

Wednesday: Art                     

Thursday:    Gym *Wear sneakers     

Friday:  Library  *Remember your books       

Specials are from 11:00-11:45 daily                                         







Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. Students will log in all their homework in their Student Planner and are expected to use this planner as an organizational tool nightly to help them prepare for planning their assignments, studying for tests, and keeping track of project due dates.  Parents, you are encouraged to check your child's planner so that you are also informed of upcoming assignments that are due. Incomplete homework will be made up.   Students should practice their multiplication and division facts often, and read at least 30 minutes independently each day.

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