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American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
American Speech-Language Hearing Association

ASHA is the professional association for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language and hearing scientists.  This page has links for family members of people with speech and language impairments.

Eductional Apps
Apps for Education

This handout is meant to be a resource. It is not meant to be exhaustive and is not asuggestion on what apps to buy or download. It is always helpful to review the ratings on apps before purchasing. For review of apps, click on the review button when you are on the app download page in iTunes. If a lite version is available, generally they are free or cheaper, so they can be a way for you to try an app. For childrens apps click on the Apps for Kids category in iTunes sidebar. For books, click on the Books category. Use the search parameters built into iTunes for apps by clicking on the apps button when your search results come up.

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