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Kindergarten Links

Math and Language Arts Songs
Counting Super Hero

Practice counting to 100 by 1's.

Count to 100

Counting to 100 while getting some exercise!

Climbing up the Mountain

Counting by 10's all the way up the mountain to 100!

Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of 10

A place value song for kids!

Vowel Bat Song

Students love this catchy song that helps practice their short vowel sounds.

Sight Words
Harry Kindergarten's Sight Word Songs

These sight word songs are a fun and interactive way for students to learn their sight words quickly and easily.

Have Fun Teaching

Catchy and fun sight word songs.

Ways to Practice at Home

Kindergarten Websites


Starfall offers opportunities for students to not only practice letter sounds and reading short stories, but also has multiple math programs available.

PBS kids


Students will be given a log-in to utilize this program. Razkids is a great tool that adapts to the child's learning ability and recognizes growth.

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