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Homework - Math 1(Archived)
Due Date: 10/17/2014
Subject: Math 1

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     Children in the Green Acres Kdg/Gr 1 Integrated Day Program have Math taught in grade level groupings.  Kindergarten students are taught by myself, Grade 1 students are taught by Danielle Picano, my grade level partner.  During a typical week, instruction will take place daily for 45-60 minute sessions.  Both grade levels will be using the Math In Focus program to help support instruction that meets all Common core expectations.

   On occassion Math homework, will be sent home. The expectation is that the work will be returned to school completed on the next school day. The work is review and so students should be able to complete the work independantly; typically in 10 minutes or less.   Please take a moment to look over this homework in order to help familiarize yourself with the latest skills being taught.  At the start of each Unit of study you will recieve a newsletter outlining for you the skills that we will work on in class.



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