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Homework - Writing 1(Archived)
Words Their Way
Due Date: 10/27/2014
Subject: Writing 1

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      Words Their Way is the vocabulary and spelling program used by the District.  Words Their Way allows children to work in small homogenous groups; the spelling skills are taught in logically developed progression.  Each week children will be given a new "sort" containing the new spelling and vocabulary words.  The sort allows children to discover similarities in spelling sort the words based the their similarities and differences. 

     Homework includes 10-15 minutes of practice sorting and spelling the words.

     In class children have 20-25 minutes per day to practice with the words.  The goal is to spell the words correctly as well as to develop and understanding of the words' meanings.

     Each sort typically takes 5-7 school days to complete.  The timing can be impacted by half day schedules, assemblies and snow days.  Children end each cycle with a spelling test of the words.  A score of 70% is required in ordered for the child to move on to the next sort in the progression. 

     A score of less then 70% will require the child continue to practice the same words for an additional week or until a score of 70% is achieved.


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